About Me

Kellie Wynn - The Beagle Lady

Hi there, Iím Kellie Wynn and I am a beagle behaviour specialist. I am the proud owner of two beagles, Daisy and Billy. Both adopted, and both came to me with some major behavioural issues, and the reason I now help beagle owners.

I was a police officer for 17 years and was the single point of contact for many years in regards to dangerous dog law. I hold higher national diplomas in dog behaviour and psychology, which have assisted me with my beagle training.

The reason I decided to specialise in beagles was an easy decision. Too many beagle owners are being told that their beagle is stubborn, selfish and untrainable. The most damaging advice I hear is that beagles shouldnít be allowed off lead.

With the training I offer, I will help you get your beagle off lead and enjoying what comes naturally to them, which is scenting and running around having fun. Beagles can listen and do want to please their owners. But they want and need strong boundaries. This is something I will teach you and I pride myself on force-free techniques that you can easily use.

My aim is to provide you with an much value as is humanly possible to reduce any stress and embarrassment you may have; and give you the expertise to train your beagle.

A free consultation either in person or via a call will take place before a programme is set for you.

Good Beagle - Happy People