Happy Beagle Testimonials

Elana Goldstein & Tucker

Kellie has been wonderful in helping us with Tucker. She is always on hand giving advise and helping with certain behaviour issues. At first we had a free consultation where we picked up lots of advice, then Kellie came to our house twice and we went to hers once. Over the 3 face to face sessions we spoke about different issues Tucker was having, from in the house to out with other dogs. I can honestly say that everything Kellie taught us makes total sense and after putting it all into practice, we have found major improvement with Tucker's behaviour. Although the training with Kellie is over 6 weeks, Kellie is always available to give help on any on going issues or Tucker going backwards with any training. 2 months on, we have seen a massive improvement but know it is still down to us at home in being persistent and making it work! I have spoken to other trainers about certain things in the past, and they just don't understand the Beagle breed. This is a major part of Kellie's work and it is clear how much she knows about Beagles, they are one of a kind and honestly I believe that any 'behaviourist' wouldn't know the ins and outs of a beagle as much as Kellie does.

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